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My name is Hayley and my partner’s name is Reece, we’re Ollie’s Mummy and Daddy. I’m 33 years old from Leeds, UK and work for the NHS. In October 2021 we lost our first baby, our beautiful son Ollie James Watson, who was sadly stillborn at 40 + 5 weeks. This blog is about navigating through our way through grief, stillbirth, supporting others and telling our boys story. I also make OJ The Octopuses in memory of Ollie, for bereaved families, in exchange for a small donation to Tommy’s baby charity.


  • Guilt

    The definition of Guilt ‘Guilt is a moral emotion that occurs when a person believes or realizes—accurately or not—that they have compromised their own standards of conduct or have violated universal moral standards and bear significant responsibility for that violation.’ Another fun part of the grieving process is guilt. I would like to say that… Click to read more…

  • 6 Months in & Results Day

    Next Friday 15th April will be 6 months since Ollie passed away, next Saturday will be 6 months since he was born. 6 months or half year, feels like a milestone in someone’s life. If Ollie would have been physically here with us, he would have been 6 months old, but sadly instead we are… Click to read more…

  • The Ockenden Report

    30/03/22 – FINALLY the day when the Ockenden report was published, after 5 years of waiting this day will be monumental for a lot of families, and in fact a mile stone for maternity care moving forward. And made for truly disturbing and upsetting reading… Working in the role that I do within the NHS,… Click to read more…

  • Traces of You….A poem written for Ollie by me, his mum

    Traces of you…. Do not search for me, call off the crowds and look to the clouds I am there. I am the wind that blows the autumn leaves The cherry blossoms from the trees. I am there. The morning sun peeking through the clouds, The gentle whispers of ‘I am proud’ I am there.… Click to read more…

Ollie James Watson – The Brightest Star in the Sky


Please drop me an email or click the icon on the right to visit my Instagram, for any correspondence or to order an OJ The Octopus. To donate to my JUSTGIVING fund to raise money for Tommy’s please click on the link icon, to purchase my EBooklet with proceeds donated to Tommy’s Baby Charity please click the Amazon icon, to visit my ETSY shop please click the E link. Thank you!

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