Traces of You….A poem written for Ollie by me, his mum

Traces of you….

Do not search for me, call off the crowds and look to the clouds

I am there.

I am the wind that blows the autumn leaves

The cherry blossoms from the trees.

I am there.

The morning sun peeking through the clouds,

The gentle whispers of ‘I am proud’

I am there.

The robins that tweet above our feet,

A butterfly’s wings that fly and beat

I am there.

The stars that wink in the ink blue skies,

The noise in the cricket’s cries

I am there.

In the scribbles of my name,

In the rainbow that came.

I am there.

In the crystal glints on the waves in the sea,

The muffled buzz of a bumble bee

Do not search for me.

I am always there.

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